Here are some of the services we provide at SPS.

The process often starts with a planning stage in which plans are prepared by an architect and approved by the client and any regulatory authority.[2] Then the site is cleared, foundations are laid and trenches for connection to services such as sewerage, water, and electricity are established. If the house is wooden-framed, a framework is constructed to support the boards, siding and roof. If the house is of brick construction, then courses of bricks are laid to construct the walls.

Floors, beams and internal walls are constructed as the building develops, with plumbing and wiring for water and electricity being installed as appropriate. Once the main structure is complete, internal fitting with lights and other fitments is done, and the house may be decorated and furnished with furniture, cupboards, carpets, curtains and other fittings. This type of project would usually contain full substructure works, including all drainage, block work, and ducting.

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Some of our clients


The Orchards Bolton le sands – Sps contract for 78 concrete slabs on new development.