Here are some of the services we provide at SPS.

A heavy hauler is a very large transporter for moving oversize loads too large for road travel without an escort and special permit.

A heavy hauler typically consists of a heavy tractor unit unit and multi-axled lowboy flatbed trailer. Some trailers may have independently steerable wheels, and several might be towed by one or more tractor units in a train.

Self-propelled modular transporters, some featuring a dozen and more self-steering axles with scores of rubber tires to spread out a load, are increasingly being manufactured. The ability of combination and self-propelled heavy haulers to carry loads of 100 tons is not unusual.

This week we have had a Doll 4axe low lower arrive. This is capable of carrying 55t on our CAT 2 Volvo tractor unit. Scroll down to see some images of the new trailer.

Click here to see some of our heavy haulage videos…

Some of our clients


Volkerstevin use SPS Group for moving piling rigs and heavy plant machinery.